Deactivated Numbers

The deactivated numbers resource provides you with all of the mobile numbers that have been deactivated across US cellular carrier networks per day. Deactivated numbers are ones that are no longer in service for the person who owned that number. This can happen when a person terminates their service or gets a new number.

When a number is deactivated, the cellular carriers set it aside for a period of time to let it “cool off.” Once that time has passed, it’s eligible to be given to a new person. If that number is subscribed to one of your text messaging lists and is then given to a new person, they may start receiving text messages that they didn't opt in for.

This data allows you to scrub your existing lists against deactivated numbers. It not only helps to prevent sending future unwanted text messages but also saves you money by preventing the sending of text messages to invalid numbers.

Retrieve Deactivated Numbers

Retrieves deactivated mobile numbers from a given date. If no date is provided, numbers from the prior day will be fetched.

This resource does not support paging or filtering. All data for a given date will be returned and most payloads will be between 2mb and 4mb in size. You may only make one request to this endpoint at a time. Historical data is only available back to October 1, 2020.



Parameter Description
date The date you are looking to retrieve deactivated numbers for. The expected format is YYYY-MM-DD and URL encoded.

Example response: