The Opt Out Event

The "opt out" event is a webhook event that is triggered whenever any of your textwords experiences an opt out. This event will happen in any of the following circumstances...

  • A contact is manually opted out from the dashboard.
  • Someone texts STOP to your shortcode.

NOTE: there is a difference between deleting a contact and opting them out in your dashboard. The opt out webhook event is only triggered if you are opting a contact out of a list.


Below is an example of the JSON data you'd receive from the "Opt Out" event.

               "Timestamp":"2014-08-14 19:25:53",
                  "Birthdate":"1985-09-15 00:00:00",
                  "DateSubscribed":"2014-08-14 19:17:46"
                  "DateOptedOut":"2014-08-14 19:25:53",
                  "OptInSource": "Text to Join",
                  "FavoriteFood": "Pizza"
                  "Description": "This is a demo textword",
                  "AutoReply":"Thanks for joining the SlickText text alerts list! Use co....

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