The Survey Completed Event

The "survey completed" event is a webhook event that is triggered whenever someone completes one of your surveys.


Below is an example of the JSON data you'd receive from the "survey completed" event.

                       "Timestamp":"2018-05-31 12:40:33",
                          "SurveyName":"Test Survey",
                          "SurveyDescription":"This is my test survey",
                          "CompletionMessage":"Thank you for taking our survey. Your feedback is appreciated!",
                          "OptInMessage":"Join our VIP text list by responding with the word YES.",
                          "Created":"2017-02-31 09:39:21"
                          "Birthdate":"1991-02-13 00:00:00",
                          "Created":"2018-04-31 12:39:36",
                          "Completed":"2018-04-31 14:39:36"